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Testimonials for funding in 2018 - 2019


This project would have been delayed for an undetermined amount of years if we had not received the funds from Saskatchewan Heritage Foundation as budgeting funds for these projects don’t make the priority list as water/sewer/road projects receive money first. That would also have resulted in the project becoming more expensive as each year that a structure goes without maintenance such as paint or windows causes more problems. We feel very fortunate to have received these much-needed funds. Town of Hague


Please accept Tourism Radville’s appreciation and thanks for the grant funding support from Saskatchewan Heritage Foundation. The project could not have been completed in full without your support. Shauna Bourassa, Town of Radville


Thank you very much for accepting our application for the Built Heritage Grant in the amount of $4,200. The restoration of St. Antony’s Church would not of been feasible without your aid. St. Antony’s Historical Society, Macklin


The Board of Directors of Prairie Wind & Silver Sage - Friends of Grasslands Inc. is very grateful for the support provided by Saskatchewan Heritage Foundation. Prairie Wind & Silver Sage - Friends of Grasslands Inc.


On behalf of the Vestry of St. Matthew Anglican Church, we want to express how much your support and advice on behalf of the Saskatchewan Heritage Foundation (SHF) has contributed to our program and financial team, as we move forward on our Building Restoration Program. The support of the SHF has enabled us to continue to advance our critical heritage restoration. Mae Boa, Lay Incumbent & Lay Administrator


If it hadn’t been for the help of four SHF grants totaling $20,000 over six years this project probably never would have been completed. Although this project was far more massive than I ever would have thought, its completion has been very rewarding and the end result has been very satisfying. Seeing this old barn restored with original type material and once again standing straight and proud is very important so that many future generations can enjoy the historical importance of it for many more years to come into the future. Daryl Collin, RM of Bayne #371


Thank you very much for accepting our application for the Built Heritage Grant in the amount of $4,200.00.  The restoration of St. Antony’s Church would not of been feasible without your aid. Pamela Erker, St. Antony’s Church


Thanks again to the SHF for their amazing support. You are a major part of our success to date. Bruce Neill, Indian Head Theatre & Community Arts Inc.


We have posted signage prominently on-site that acknowledges the critical involvement of the Saskatchewan Heritage Foundation in the project with our most sincere appreciation. The Cathedral of St. John The Evangelist, Saskatoon


I would like to once again express my gratitude to the Board for approving this exceptional grant request for an archaeological study of burned native prairie in the archaeologically-rich area of Cabri Lake and the 96 Ranch. The money allowed for two different photogrammetric studies and has really enriched our understanding of not only the sites that are present in the area but also in the best applications of this recent technology. Much appreciation for this grant. Dr. Margaret Kenney

Testimonials for funding in 2017 - 2018 


Water Tower Restoration Project – Town of Hague was funded $8,000.  “The Council for the Town of Hague feels very honoured that the Foundation did provide funds to help us maintain our heritage building and we hope to continue the efforts of repairing and providing ongoing upkeep for the benefit of future generations.”


St. Matthew’s Church – Regina was funded $25,000.   “The congregation of St. Matthew’s Church is very grateful for the significant contribution of the Saskatchewan Heritage Foundation to jump-starting our conservation journey!”


Log Home circa 1892 – Shellbrook was funded $3,000.  “Thank you so much for all your support in helping us restore our old heritage home.  We definitely couldn’t have accomplished the work without it and we’re very grateful.  The house is a living record of not just a time in history, or of building techniques and skills, or even weather, but of people’s lives lived every day….“


Indian Head Grand Theatre was funded $45,000.  “….I know we can continue to be a showcase example of the intent of your program.” Bruce Neill, Board Chair


Zion Church – Moose Jaw was funded $33,000.  “The staff and congregation would like to give the Foundation a BIG thank you for helping us fix our beautiful building – we couldn’t have done it without your help!”


Bent Nail Café – Town of Mossbank was funded $5,000.  “The Bent Nail Café has a new roof!  This spring the café had to close several times because of water seeping through the ceiling making it impossible to do business.  With the help of the grant from the Saskatchewan Heritage Foundation, we were able to have the roof repaired and look forward to welcoming the community to join us for a coffee!”

Testimonials for funding in 2016 - 2017


Yvette Moore Gallery – funded $12,500  “The funds provided by the Saskatchewan Heritage Foundation made it possible for the exterior of the former Land Titles Building to finally have a pleasing and finished exterior presence in Moose Jaw’s Downtown.  The remarks received from our customers are always so those given with awe at how beautiful the building is – so again to the Foundation, my sincere appreciation for your support.”  Yvette Moore, Yvette Moore Gallery


Zion United Church – funded $2,100.  “On behalf of Community Under the Dome Committee and Zion United Church Council, I would like to thank the Saskatchewan Heritage Foundation for funding this project.  The church and community of Moose Jaw place a high value on maintaining the integrity of heritage Buildings.  We look forward to further partnerships with Saskatchewan Heritage.”  Dorothy Yakiwchuk, Zion United Church


Bethel United Church - funded $25,000.  “On behalf of the Bethel United Church Congregation, we wish to thank Saskatchewan Heritage Foundation for the cheque for $25,000.  On Sunday in Church, I announced the receipt of the grant to applause and smiles!”  Ann Norgan, Bethel United Church Heritage Restoration Committee


Indian Head Grand Theatre - funded $7,500.  “Once again we want to thank the Saskatchewan Heritage Foundation for the amazing support we have had over the last two-plus years as we work toward full restoration of our historic Grand Theatre.  Your funding and technical expertise has been critical to the success we have had to date.  On behalf of all of the citizens of our community and region….Thank you!” Bruce Neill, Board Chair

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